Length of Service

from 2007


Designer, HR

Service Philosophy

I am committed to the highest standard of client care and am passionate about “being of service” starting at the consultation to the very end, while listening and respecting you the entire time. I provide an atmosphere where you can be yourself, while feeling secure and nurtured. I pride myself on being fashion forward and believing ones hair is the most important accessory to looking and feeling good every day. I am dedicated to advanced education, always doing whats trendy with the latest techniques and products, while educating you on maintenance and how to create your individual style at home. I will do everything in my power to get the results you desire while honoring the integrity of your hair.


Signature Hair Cutting

$40 – Women | $34 – Men

Blow-dry, Color, Highlighting, Up-dos, Facial & Body Waxing, Hair Extensions


Volunteering to various outreach programs, travel, mission trips, family, friends, fashion trends, shopping, home remodeling, reading.

Education + Training

2.14 Redken / Leah Freeman : Color

2.13 Pureology / Ruth Roche : Styling

3.12 Redken / Chris Baran : Cutting

10.11 Redken / Lauren Hagen : Color

2.11 Redken / David Stanko : Color

3.10 Bumble / Wear and Care Product Intro : Styling

1.10 Redken / Dhaniel Doud : Hair Color Techniques

10.09 Pureology / April Webster : Styling

10.09 Bumble / Product Intro : Cutting Demonstration

9.09 Redken / George Garcia : Hair Color Techniques

9.09 Redken / Amy Friar : Shimmer 1 Color Class

3.09 Public Enemies Movie Premier : Hair and Makeup

1.09 Aveda / Raw Beauty Fashion Show

11.08 Pureology / Product Line Intro : 2.0

10.08 Pureology / Product Line Intro : 1.0

9.08 Redken / Justin Isaac : Hair Color Techniques

3.08 Aveda / Face to Face : Bridal Makeup

3.08 Redken / Kris Sorbie : Hair Color Techniques

3.08 Midwest Beauty Show