Trend: Feather Extensions

Feather extensions. When I first heard about it, I wasn’t SO sure. I could just see my husband lifting up a single feather in my hair and exclaiming in disgust, “There’s a dead bird on your head”. Seriously though, it’s cute in a bohemian chic kind of way! The single feathers are bonded to your real hair semi-permanently. When you want them out, you just have to head back to the salon (unless you want your boyfriend/husband/father to bust out his handy dandy pliers-in which we cannot guarantee happy results). The feathers are real, and they can be washed with your normal hair, curled and straightened. They come in a rainbow of bright and natural colors. You could also just use them to fly yourself to a magical place where in April it’s actually SPRING. Plus Steven Tyler loves them too, so that means it’s COOL! Carenza is doing them for $15 to put them in, and $4 per feather.

11 Responses to Trend: Feather Extensions

  1. Our costume feather fan is made from real feathers. Hair Extensions

  2. Amber says:

    I get mine from http://www.hipchicks3.com I LOVE THEM!! I have a few of the bundles in my hair, pink and teal and natural colors. I get soo many compliments on them!

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