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Fall 2012 Trends

It’s fashion’s favorite time of the year!! The layers, the scarves… ahhhhh :) So what is it this year? I’ll break it down for you.


Skinny jeans are still holding strong, especially the new “color” trend. However, instead of seeing them in bright neons they are showing up in deeper tones such as wine colors, amber and burnt orange. Corduroy is also making an appearance in “skinny” form.


I love this trend which is called “menswear inspired”. Oxfords will be plentiful, and a fun twist on them are the brightly colored soles that will pop as you walk.


Going along with the menswear inspired fashion, bags are becoming more structured and business like. Think perfectly aged leather with buckles and straps. Messenger bag and briefcase inspired looks are a welcome trend. If dressing head to toe in menswear inspired looks, make sure everything is very tailored for a feminine shape. Bright lips stick and ultra-feminine hair will complete the look! On the opposite end, mixed metals, and layered pieces are a fun fall find when it comes to jewelry. Beaded gold layer necklaces beneath a button-up high collar shirt is a chic look for fall!


Have trench coats ever gone out of style? They’re the blue jean of pants! Look for styles this year with asymmetrical hems, arms with a different texture, and higher statement collars. A popular color this fall will be a deep berry.  You can’t go wrong wearing a trench with trousers and a pointy toe heel!


Will you be trying any of these fall trends?




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