What’s With The Crazy Colored Hair?

Remember watching movies about the future and all the kids had blue, orange and green hair? The only time we usually saw crazy color hair, it was on an adolescent that looked like they fell in a pool of kool-aid. Not so much anymore. With artists like Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and the like..  brightly colored hair is becoming more of the norm. When done right, it looks pretty slick!

While asking for a few highlights of blue may seem easy enough, there are a few things you need to know first before braving the new trend. Bright pigmented colors are the hardest to keep from fading in the hair, because there is no “undertone” to anchor the color in the hair strand. Bright fashion colors are just purely pigment, and because of that every wash will fade your color at an accelerated rate. Also, blondes beware! The bright colors can bleed on to your light locks over time.

But…don’t be scared! You can still have fun with the color, we just wanted you to be aware of the process. Looking for an easier way to wear the trend? Get a clip in extension of your favorite color, there’s no bleeding or fading problems.

Take a look at one of our happy clients that was colored by Carenza stylist Desirae! This is a deep red ombré technique that looks wonderful on dark hair!


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