Azana Victim’s Fund

We were all deeply saddened by the events that took place this past weekend at Azana Salon and Spa. In response, over 24 salon’s (and growing!) are participating in a campaign to focus awareness on the issue of domestic violence. October happens to be Domestic Violence Awareness month, signified by the purple ribbon.

At participating salons, you can receive a purple ribbon for a small donation that will go directly to the Azana Victim’s Fund at Associated Bank. Along with the fund, salon’s are also showing support to the “Cut It Out” campaign of Salons Against Domestic Abuse which was started by the Professional Beauty Association. “Cut It Out” offer’s free information and help to those suffering from domestic abuse.

Domestic Violence can happen anywhere, we can all help raise awareness to help those effected.

*You can make a deposit toward the Azana Victim’s Fund at any Associated Bank location.

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