My name is Lyneé (pronounced Luh Nay).  I began working at Carenza as a receptionist when at 18 years old, and within a year, the CEO Laurence gave me the unbelievable opportunity to become his first apprentice, and we’ve been working together as a team since. I’m lucky to have been taught by the very best. The environment Carenza provides is so based around fashion, it was hard for me not to love it. The idea for me to blog about upcoming trends was born shortly after. The fashionable people that most inspire me are: Coco Chanel, Marilyn Monroe, Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfield and Christian Louboutin. Personally I favor a very classic, sophisticated style; However that doesn’t mean I wont pay attention to the bolder ones! The goal of this blog is to bring to you what we see as surfacing trends in hair, makeup, clothing etc.. in Milwaukee, as well as world wide. Working as Laurences assistant allowed me to meet some of the most influential people, which led me to Renotta Thompson, the brilliant owner of a great boutique named “Next Door”. We began working and blogging together which allows me to see the new seasons fashion before it’s even put out on the racks! As much as I love following trends, the most important thing are my friends and family, because without them I could enjoy nothing. -Cheers

Fashion Life

Bringing to you what we see as the latest fashion and beauty trends, locally as well as world-wide. Love it or hate it? Feel free to comment.



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