OLAPLEX… Could this be the very best hair protector ever?   Early in Spring 2014, reports were filtering through the beauty industry about a new wonder “conditioner” that could supposedly reverse much of the damage that hair is subjected to on a regular basis.   I would have to admit, that when I first read about the purported benefits of this new repair tool,  I was quite skeptical. It’s not … Continue reading

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Protecting Hair from Thermal Damage

Are you a frequent user of flatirons or curling irons? Minimize damage & breakage by using the right heat settings on your appliance. We strongly recommend that you do not exceed 400 degrees on any of the following hair types: Long hair Especially if it is colored…or the ends are badly splitting. Fine hair Pay particular attention to the hairline, as these strands will be the easiest to stress out. … Continue reading

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Fixing Winter Hair Problems

IT’S HERE…   The start of more “bad” hair days.   Women know exactly what I’m talking about.   The problem arrives in many different forms:   Hair can act and feel extra dry,  flatter with both loss of volume & staying power… or simply produce obnoxious flyaways.   Usually it reaches a tipping point when you exclaim, “what’s up with my hair”… literally in the case of static electricity. … Continue reading

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Hair Truth or Hair Myth?…Part Two

#6 Truth or Myth: Chlorine in pool water turns your hair green Well I suppose this could be a bit of a trick question. While it is true that excessive exposure to chlorinated water seems to leave some users with a haircolor oddly resembling baby grass, it is not the actual chlorine that is appearing green. In these cases, the chlorine is only acting as a damaging agent…turning the hair … Continue reading

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Hair Truth or Hair Myth?…Part One

After 40 years as a hairdresser, I am always amazed to see what “facts” still seem to circulate among the masses…. Here’s Part 1 of this Two-Part Post…..Let’s see how many of these you get right:   #1 Truth or Myth: If you pull out a gray hair, two or more will grow back in its place Sure…..that’s why pulling your hair out during bill paying season always seems to … Continue reading


Willpower…Is It You or Science?

So many decisions being made everyday…..minute to minute…..should I hold back and delay gratification….or go for the immediate pleasure…….he has better willpower—she lacks it……..is it really a character issue for some and not for others….certainly, we all appear to have both strong and weak moments…..are we destined to live with some kind of preformed “Willpower DNA”… or can science shed some light on the subject…….Fortunately, we have some new and … Continue reading

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