Hair Truth or Hair Myth?…Part One

After 40 years as a hairdresser, I am always amazed to see what “facts” still seem to circulate among the masses….

Here’s Part 1 of this Two-Part Post…..Let’s see how many of these you get right:


#1 Truth or Myth: If you pull out a gray hair, two or more will grow back in its place

Sure…..that’s why pulling your hair out during bill paying season always seems to make your hair grow thicker — not — wish it was so!

Truth be told, your hair is always growing back in continuously.

While waiting for the offending hair follicle to recover its dignity, you’re most likely to have other numerous, neighboring-strands—transitioning to lower pigment production. That is actually what you are observing…Hey, even if you don’t pull out any grays…just sit back and watch magically, how 20,000 others will eventually show up without any help from you at all.

So if you don’t like them, pluck away with confidence (although doing that over and over could actually damage the follicle and lead to stunted growth).

Ultimately, your best bet is to have a thorough, professional color consultation, on how you can make them disappear or simply blend better in the future…bonus, they get to “stay” on your head — you’ll most likely need them later.



#2 Truth or Myth: I will go bald if my dad has no hair

Yes, It was once thought that if your father’s head was a good source of light reflection that you could not escape the legacy.  Well that concept has been found not to be true.

…Later research seemed to indicate that males should start taking a closer look at their mother’s hair, as science started leaning towards moms as perhaps the source of men’s follicle challenges.

…Well, here’s where we actually stand on the subject today:

You can actually inherit male or female pattern hair loss (yes women are not immune from this) from either side of the family, but with the added  “good news” possibility, that the condition may also skip generations.

Male pattern hair loss can start as early as 18-20 years of age, while female pattern loss is delayed until closer to 45-50 years of age……

(In an upcoming article, I will cover where the science of hair loss currently stands…. and what can be done to combat it)



#3 Truth or Myth: Stress can make your hair fall out

Typical and normal hair loss runs in the range of 50-125 strands per day…

If you have shorter hair you may not notice many of these “fall-outs“… except for those pesky ones that collect on the sink or in the tub — remember, longer hair is much easier to see and can also appear like much more loss — since it coils around itself near drains….still, the aforementioned averages hold up pretty well.

There is however some medical opinions that support the notion that stressful life events or physiological changes can induce increased losses of hair….Recently, new research has linked stress with the shortening of the Telomere strands (DNA)…This appears to accelerate the cell division & replication process…which is associated with aging (since all normal cells in the body can only replicate themselves a finite number of times)

Large life stressors such as illness, extreme diet methods,  surgery, medications, post-pregnancy, divorce and job loss can be considered as causal agents. After such periods, it is common for the density to restore itself as long as there is a relenting of previous conditions.



#4 Truth or Myth: Smoking Causes Gray Hair

Information coming out of England has found that smokers are 4x more likely to have gray hair as do non-smokers. Hey, the bad news keeps on coming…

…and if you didn’t think breathing issues, bad skin, and teeth stains were enough to cause you to quit the tobacco sticks…get this—

those little puffs have been definitely linked to losing your hair faster than normal, ouch!



#5 Truth or Myth: You should brush your hair 100 strokes every day

“Little House on the Prairie” aside, who would really have time to do this…..

I suppose back in the time when we didn’t have high-tech shampoos, conditioners and treatments…..dragging scalp oil as far down one’s locks could seem rational…today, forget-about-it.

Besides being unnecessary, you could do long term damage to the hair follicles and cause more tearing of the cuticle layer (outside protective and reflective layer) — possibly inducing more hairs to release from the scalp prematurely.

Save brushing for your basic styling needs, or for gently removing tangles after last night’s beauty rest.



Here’s what’s coming up in Part 2…..

*How much should you brush your hair?

*Where does “green” swimmers hair come from?

*Are split ends really split?

*Does blowdrying make your hair fall out?

*Which “natural” color of hair is the thickest?

*If you cut your hair will it grow faster?


Look your best…..


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