Fixing Winter Hair Problems



The start of more “bad” hair days.


Women know exactly what I’m talking about.


The problem arrives in many different forms:


Hair can act and feel extra dry,  flatter with both loss of volume & staying power…

or simply produce obnoxious flyaways.


Usually it reaches a tipping point when you exclaim, “what’s up with my hair”…

literally in the case of static electricity.


You may be wondering what starts this downhill slide and what solutions exist 

…well, that’s why I am here to help.


I guess it all starts with a little science and chemistry—stay with me here—

I promise to keep it all simple and easy to understand…


Suffice to say, that everything, including your hair, is made up of atoms (you know, those tiny little things that make the universe work)…

well they’re composed of particles that have both negative and positive charges. 


Unfortunately those little negative electrons are easily carried away when they come in contact with other surfaces.

The net result—what was once a nice balance of + and now becomes unbalanced > leaving more positive particles behind…


The problem is, too many of these positive charges will repel each other and voila!…they all scramble to run away from each other.

This of course leaves your hair looking more like you stopped halfway through your morning blowdry.


Here’s where cold & dry air acts as an accomplice:


Normally water is a pretty good conductor for electrons and helps quickly shuttle extra particles away before an offending source can

allow the static to build. No such luck when the humidity starts dropping. Fortunately there are some pretty easy cures…


Here are 7 of my favorite tips to ensure less static cling: At the end of the blog I have listed a few of my personal favorites… for those who enjoy specific recommendations



Many high quality hair treatments exist in the marketplace today for adding additional moisture to your strands.

Make sure though that you get a good explanation from an authority on the product before purchasing. Reason being…that product niches are so plentiful, that you want to make sure the ingredients are tilted towards hydration and not overly focused on just protein (strength-building) or simply additional lubrication (oils/lipids).



These are the little sisters of treatments. They generally are not as deep or as long lasting as treatments, but are vital to maintaining hair’s integrity on a day-to-day basis.

They also have valuable ingredients that focus on smoothing and protecting the outside surface layer of the hair  and will generally reduce excess flyaways. Do you have really fine hair? Not typically a fan of conditioners? No need to worry. Today there are “thickening conditioners” on the market created specifically to reduce or eliminate that ‘heavy’ effect, decrease tangles, while allowing any hair tools to glide gently down the hair shaft.



Used post shampoo and pre-styling, these clever products help reduce brush drag over the hair’s cuticle layer, while adding shine and increased manageability. Quite effective at neutralizing electric charge increases with the added benefit of being very lightweight on the hair. They generally include some mild restorative qualities as well.



This could include shine sprays, mold-able waxes and other assorted “last-on” products. Hairsprays can also be of great help because of their ‘weight’—the ability to knit a light web that makes it difficult for the hair’s charge to ‘lift’ the hair.



For some people…this basic answer has helped.  Spray lightly on a comb or brush, style as usual. Simple health tip: Take care to reduce as much personal inhalation as possible when working around any sprays.



Easy to carry and can easily be run over the top of any ‘do’…really



No products in sight and you’re on the go.  Rinse your hands and gently towel off the excess moisture…..Lightly pat into the offending locks.


Utilizing one or more of the above guidelines will help you eliminate all or most of your problems with static buildup




Bumble & bumble > Mending Masque

Bumble & bumble > Quenching Masque


Aveda > Color Conserve

Bumble & bumble > Thickening Conditioner

Bumble & bumble > Mending Conditioner

Bumble & bumble > Quenching Conditioner


Pureology > Color Fanatic (love-love this product)

Pureology > Cuticle Polisher 


Bumble & bumble > Straight Blowdry

Bumble & bumble > Brillantine Pomade

Bumble & bumble > Creme Contour

Pureology > Super Smooth

Pureology > Cuticle Polisher

In our next blogpost…I will cover how to deal with the increased straightness & loss of volume when styling winter hair.

Please share this post if you found it helpful…..thanks


peace. health. happiness. beauty.



CEO / Carenza


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