Protecting Hair from Thermal Damage

Are you a frequent user of flatirons or curling irons?

Minimize damage & breakage by using the right heat settings on your appliance.

We strongly recommend that you do not exceed 400 degrees on any of the following hair types:

Long hair
Especially if it is colored…or the ends are badly splitting.

Fine hair
Pay particular attention to the hairline, as these strands will be the easiest to stress out.

Medium to light blonde hair
All lighter hair is extra fragile, therefore, take care with the use of heat, pressure & contact time.

Heavily highlighted hair
For maintaining the best condition, ALWAYS follow all of the guidelines in this post.

Wavy/Curly hair with frizz
We know this can be a tough one, since a person typically enjoys having smoother hair when they have this hair type.

So for those with this texture, we suggest utilizing a gentle Keratin Smoothing system.

This will often reduce the amount of heat needed to get a sleeker result, while
also reducing the total “contact” time with your strands.

When purchasing a new tool
Invest the extra cash and get one with a specific heat dial or a newer, digital readout…..you’ll be glad you did.

Seriously consider the use of a high quality, thermal protectant for your tresses…they should be used prior to either drying or styling.

It will act as a significant buffer from heat induced damage!

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