OLAPLEX… Could this be the very best hair protector ever?


Early in Spring 2014, reports were filtering through the beauty industry about a

new wonder “conditioner” that could supposedly reverse much of the damage that

hair is subjected to on a regular basis.


I would have to admit, that when I first read about the purported benefits of this

new repair tool,  I was quite skeptical.

It’s not like I haven’t seen new conditioners, leave-ins, deep treatments and intense

masques come & go in the past.


Typically we always have quite a few top shelf solutions from Bumble, Aveda & Pureology

already filling our shelves.

However, the buzz surrounding this product kept growing (I followed chat threads,

online comments and queried other industry professional that I respect).


So, by the end of last summer we decided to commit to purchasing a small quantity

for our own, in-house testing.

We started using it on each other first – then quickly branching out to “select” clients

with tougher hair issues that were not normally easy to solve.


Our testing started in September of 2014. By later Fall we had ended all of our trials.

The reason… the product was so effective, that we felt it necessary to roll it out after

just 8 weeks of excellent feedback.


So in early November we started full use of the product.

It goes under the name of OLAPLEX.


(This brand new company has many patents coming on this breakthrough solution)


With the help of 2 brilliant chemists, this small company was able to develop a

phenomenal system to modify broken bonds in the hair – in a very lasting way.



Our business is pretty cosmetic in nature. Providing great results. That said, virtually all

of the products we use (and those are competitors use as well) can only last so long in the hair.

They are good – yet fairly temporary as far as results are concerned. That isn’t necessarily a

bad thing, just a normal expectation.


That always means, when damage has been incurred, we can improve the hair for awhile,

yet at some point in the near future – the hair will resort to it’s original damaged state.

If hair is broken (outside and especially inside) we can “remove” some of the symptoms in

the near term. However, no matter how good it looks or feels – the loss of integrity/strength

in the hair creates a very real risk of compounding damage, loss of shine and manageability,

inability to “grow” the hair longer and loss of the inner architecture of your cut/style.


Use too much heat, over expose to sun, overlap lightener on highlights, too much tugging

with a hot dryer & brush – voila – increased damage & breakage will instantly reappear.


This is where OLAPEX really turns the industry upside down.

Their “bond modifier” chemistry uses a proprietary process to fix the most important bonds in the

hair (disulfide bonds). These bonds give hair all of its amazing strength & resiliency.

Simply put, the more these bonds come apart, the worse you hair will be. If too many

are broken, the hair will easily split & fray on the ends. Way too many get separated, and the hair

will simply break off.

Even celebrities, pop stars and well-known models have needed to cut their hair short after

undergoing an excessive amount of haircolor “image-changes”… that have pushed the hair beyond

its normal limits.


So what makes OLAPLEX so different?







Well that’s the fascinating part. OLAPLEX does not really “put anything in the hair”. It doesn’t insert

protein, keratin, silicones or any of the other categories used in typical reconstruction. The chemistry

is pretty cool & innovative to say the least.

The treatment used, searches through the hair, looking for any disulfide fragments, then works to lock

them back together.

This unique format restores them in such a way, that they’re essentially returned to their original state.

By modifying these disulfide connections with the use of extra carbon atoms and a slightly rearranged

structure, they’re able to renew hair’s integrity & strength to a “very high-level with long-term stability”.


(Not sure If I would have believed all of this had I not worked with it personally)


We like to call it the best “hair insurance” that you can find anywhere on the planet.

Note: All significant hair damage issues start as a loss of strength… period.


We are excited that we could offer these treatments for the last 9 months to our salon clients.

If you are a regular client of the salon, please make sure that your designer has completely educated you on the benefits of OLAPLEX use.


This is literally, the biggest “no-brainer” I’ve ever seen in my 42+ years.


(Of course, this may not be necessary for your regimen if your hair is already in excellent condition.

Or is very short, non-colored, non-permed or no heated tools are ever used on it)


This IS NOT a fad product. In the 18 months since it was first introduced, it has become so

popular (and necessary) that it is already used in well over 100,000 salons worldwide.


If you’re not a Carenza client/guest yet, we would love the opportunity to discuss how we could help you

experience this true, state-of-the-art process. Everyone deserves to have strong hair.


There is simply no other product on earth that can do what OLAPLEX does. For many of our

clients, they would never consider not using it regularly… Yes, it’s that important to what we do.


The most powerful process we offer is a 2-step service done in the salon… It adds an extra 15-20 mins

to most color appointments.

We also have a free-standing service (when you are in for only a cut or highlight) that takes approximately 30 mins.


OLAPLEX also has a treatment for home followup. Why would you need that?… well most of us are

still going to incur more “breakdown” in the hair over the course of our daily styling-lives.

Washing, drying, haircoloring, texture services and of course, regular tool use… will all continue to breakdown

new bonds in the hair.

We recommend it to anyone getting the in-salon service.  Interestingly, even though it is a milder repair

product, clients often report they notice a meaningful difference in their hair from only using

this product on a once @ week basis.


NOTE: OLAPLEX is not another temporary solution – the newly repaired bonds will only breakdown

over time from normal wear & tear. You won’t ever wake up one day and find it all washed out.


This is a truly a game-changing answer – A real 5-Star solution that never existed before in salons.


For more information you can also follow this link to the OLAPLEX website…



We would love to see you at Carenza to help share the benefits of this 21st Century answer.


If you already visit another salon, ask them if they are part of the OLAPLEX revolution.

You can’t do anything better for your hair!


Carenza Olaplex Menu:

$15 Olaplex Treatment used in color service

$28 Olaplex Treatment Standalone service

$28 Olaplex At-Home/ Weekly Treatment


Thanks everyone…. Wishing you beautiful hair!


Laurence Seybold

CEO / Designer / Colorist

Carenza Color Cutting Experience.






during routine wear & tear from heated tools, environmental exposure, plus the


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