A 20-minute slice of heaven. Luxury indulgence begins with twin shiatsu rollers kneading your back, as our nimble-fingered designers melt your stress away with an extended massage of head, scalp & neck, all while comfortably resting on our Italian shampoo recliners.

Hair Extensions

Longer, fuller, denser hair in minutes! All natural hair, highly affordable. Easy to apply and remove. Your hair stays in great condition. Can be cut & colored. Works with curling or flat irons. Takes 1 hour or less.

Color Aesthetics

Color. The very word brings life to our imaginations. It affects our emotional reactions to everything and is an active component in many of our daily experiences.


Creating individualized cut and style results for each client utilizing advanced techniques from all the major global cutting systems. The precision of the English method. The visual allure of the French system. The loose deconstruction of the Italian approach.

Wave & Curl Texture

Not enough wave. Limp & lifeless hair. Consistently deflated volume… Call today for a complimentary consultation.
Perms / Offered with selected Designers



The finished details of well groomed hands and feet allow any woman or man to present a polished and sophisticated image at work or during their leisure hours. Broken, weak, or damaged nails – no problem. Our silk wraps and specialty gel treatments can resolve many of these common challenges.


Our makeup center has hundreds of color options from Glo Minerals. Our skilled and trained designers will show you how to improve your own application or show case the latest techniques and fashion looks.

Feel free to browse as well. We provide self-service applicators for your convenience, especially if you would like to spend a few minutes exploring new options on your own.


Simply smooth, clean, attractive skin for women and men. What’s not to like!