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stylist since 1992

My goal is to create the best overall experience and results for my clients, I get the most joy from working collaboratively with them through great communication, constant feedback and strong education. Each client can expect that I will analyze for them what their hair can and cannot do as well as what works for their particular face shape, structure and lifestyle. I will educate each client as to why each of these areas are important and how these can and do change over time. I like to share with my clients what I truly believe is proper education in the dynamics of how your hair is cut and what is structurally happening as color services are preformed. Through these means of communication we together become the authority on your specific hair needs!


Signature Hair Cutting

65 / Women

52 / Men

Additional services: Color, Blow-dry & Style


3.22 Aqua / Jessica Pressler : Hand Tied Extensions

11.19 Redken / Veronica Ridge : Coloring Techniques & Formulas

9.13 Redken / Lori Zabel : Color

2.13 Pureology / Ruth Roche : Styling

9.12 Redken / Ty Isobe : Cutting

3.12 Redken / Chris Baran : Cutting

10.11 Redken / Lauren Hagen : Color

2.11 Redken / David Stanko : Color

10.10 Pureology / Christopher Devaney : Cutting

3.10 Redken / Deb Mcann : Color Correction

3.10 Bumble / Wear and Care Product Launch : Styling

1.10 Redken / Dhaniel Doud : Hair Color Techniques


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