The Wonderful World of Shellac

Sitting at Carenza, I impatiently look out the window like a sad puppy at the UPS truck in the parking lot. I could hardly wait for the delivery to get inside with our new Shellac nail polishes. I signed away for the packages, tore in to them and BEGGED Nila (our nail technician) to experiment on me. Poor Nila examines my chipped, peeling, stained with hair color hands muttering “I don’t know what I can do with this…” My heart sinks as I realize my manicured hands will stay looking nice for a day, and then the next morning I’ll wake up and I SWEAR its as if I’d sleep-weeded my garden. I told myself this time would be different. What is Shellac? It’s a nail polish. Paints on like a traditional polish, and it wears like a gel.  It was introduced first by “Creative Nail Design” and they’ve dubbed it the “hybrid” nail polish. There is no chipping or dulling, and it wears flawlessly for 14 days.

After getting my manicure, I can say Shellac most definitely held up to its promises! The only difference between receiving a traditional manicure and the Shellac is that is cures beneath a UV light after every coat, and is immediately dry. The entire wear time it kept a mirrored finish, and never chipped. It started to separate from my natural nail about 12 days after the manicure, due to the fact that my hands are constantly in water. I believe anyone that isn’t washing their hands 20+ times a day will get the full 14 day wear out of them. The process to take off the Shellac takes only a few minutes, and your nails are in better condition than before the manicure. All the chipping and peeling I had on my natural nail had grown out wonderfully, which had been a problem for years. I would suggest going to a nail technician that knows what they’re doing, because the Shellac tends to shrink up while it cures under the UV light, leading to a grown out look at the base of your nail. I give this new trend a definite thumbs up, and yes we offer it at Carenza! Could this be where the future of all manicures and pedicures are heading?

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