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High definition. We hear that EVERY where, t.v, photo, video streaming, cell phones, portable gaming etc… and I’m sure you’ve heard it with makeup too. What is the difference between high definition makeup and regular makeup? Quite honestly, the same as all the other high def gizmo’s out there; it’s more pristine, crisp, pure, real life and when done right, flawless. High definition makeup is made up of smaller molecules than regular makeup, which allow for perfect coverage. The tiny molecules that make up high definition products spread easier and more evenly over the surface wearing (or showing) it. It also allows for easier blending and camouflaging. When it comes to more mature or aging skin, these molecules are small enough that they will not sit in creases after wearing your makeup throughout the day. It’s a must now for photo shoots and t.v, as all the cameras are able to zero in on any little imperfection. So be ahead of the game! Many makeup lines have gone high def, including Carenza’s mineral makeup line Glo Minerals.

Featured Image taken from beautyme.com

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