Magnetic Nail Polish

What will they come up with next? First it was OPI’s crackle nail polish, and JUST in case you were looking for a different kind of thing they’ve come out with “magnetic nail polish”. The polishes have a pearly finish, but once your nail technician holds a magnet over, BAM! Instant design. You pick out the magnet with your desired pattern, and once held over the nail it attracts metal flecks in the polish to the surface to create the desired design. There’s no texture to the nail polish once it’s dry, so you can still achieve a glossy look. So far, I’ve seen two pattern choices: stars and stripes (fitting!), however I’m sure there are more ideas on the way. I tried out the emerald green polish for added shock value, but there are a wide range of colors to choose from! Unfortunately you cannot buy magnetic polish in stores, so for now you’ll have to take a nice trip to your nail technician! Where can you get this done in Milwaukee? Well Carenza of course!

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