2013: The Year of The Headband

Looking through the highlights of the Spring 2013 Fashion shows, one thing really stood out : headbands. Between Marc by Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan and Vera Wang, all showcased a similar accessory. Could 2013 be the big year for headbands? Here are some of the favorite looks right from the runway.

Donna Karan

Always simple and chic, the models strutted down the runway with a very lady-like ribbon tied in to a bow over a messy up-do.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Tying a bright printed head scarf added that extra pop.

Vera Wang

Using your own hair as a headband is what the creative team at Vera Wang showcased, by braiding tight up against the hairline and incorporating it in to a messy up-do.

Will you give it a go?

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