Fall 2013 Haircut – The Long Bob

Main photo credit: Cut by stylist Heather at Carenza.


We love the latest haircut that’s been sweeping through salons: The long blunt bob. It’s cut with minimal layers, and rests just above the shoulders, angling ever so slightly at the front to the collarbones. The result is fresh and sleek!

You’re probably asking how this is different from the Victoria Beckham “Posh Spice” bob of a few years ago? Carenza stylist Nicole tells us: ” The Victoria Beckham bob was much more layered and high in the back, and then it tapered in towards the bottom. It was also a lot more angled. The new bob is very blunt, and longer, with less of an angle.”

This new bob can just barely touch the shoulders, or be worn chin length.

Celebrities such as Kelly Ripa, Beyonce and more have chopped their long locks for this new look. Will you give it a try?




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