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Magnetic Nail Polish

What will they come up with next? First it was OPI’s crackle nail polish, and JUST in case you were looking for a different kind of thing they’ve come out with “magnetic nail polish”. The polishes have a pearly finish, but once your nail technician holds a magnet over, BAM! Instant design. You pick out the magnet with your desired pattern, and once held over the nail it attracts metal … Continue reading

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They call it “Rainbow Hair”

I follow some kids blogs in London, and recently, I’ve seen an interesting fad come through and they’re simply calling it “Rainbow Hair”. At first I discarded the idea, however right now what is the big hair trend? FEATHERS IN OUR HAIR. Seriously it’s so popular that fly fishermen can’t get feathers for their bait (kind of funny, sorry!). Rainbow hair isn’t such a bizarre trend anymore once in perspective, … Continue reading

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Fresh Color Trends for Fall 2011

Fall is my favorite season for fashion. Not only for clothing and accessories, but the vibrant and rich hair color, makeup, nails etc… This is what we’ve seen rise above the rest! Feather Extensions To be honest, we weren’t  really sure how well the feather extensions would go over. Boy were we surprised! We are always selling out of our feather stock, and new clients are constantly hoping to squeeze … Continue reading

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How to Get Perfect Summer Beach Hair (Video Blog)

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The Beach Wave is Back Baby

Are you obsessed with J Lo’s hair like we are? Beautiful! One of our favorite looks is her bossy beach wave she flaunted at last nights finale show. Another sassy star that rocked the beach wave right was Beyonce who has been EVERYWHERE lately… You want it? Here’s how to get it! Step #1 Start with wet hair and use a texture and curl enhancing product like Bumble & bumble … Continue reading

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Trend: Feather Extensions

Feather extensions. When I first heard about it, I wasn’t SO sure. I could just see my husband lifting up a single feather in my hair and exclaiming in disgust, “There’s a dead bird on your head”. Seriously though, it’s cute in a bohemian chic kind of way! The single feathers are bonded to your real hair semi-permanently. When you want them out, you just have to head back to the salon (unless … Continue reading

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New Product Alert: Bumble&bumble Shine

If you are familiar with Bumble & bumble’s “Brilliantine” and you LOVE the smell…this stuff is going to be love at first sight. It is available the week of April 11th, and it’s called “Shine”. For those of you that haven’t used Brilliantine, it’s a sophisticated, polished, lightly scented product. It will be available in a shampoo, conditioner and finishing spray. The finishing spray is a mist rather than an … Continue reading

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Perfect skin…perfect coverage

High definition. We hear that EVERY where, t.v, photo, video streaming, cell phones, portable gaming etc… and I’m sure you’ve heard it with makeup too. What is the difference between high definition makeup and regular makeup? Quite honestly, the same as all the other high def gizmo’s out there; it’s more pristine, crisp, pure, real life and when done right, flawless. High definition makeup is made up of smaller molecules … Continue reading

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The Wonderful World of Shellac

Sitting at Carenza, I impatiently look out the window like a sad puppy at the UPS truck in the parking lot. I could hardly wait for the delivery to get inside with our new Shellac nail polishes. I signed away for the packages, tore in to them and BEGGED Nila (our nail technician) to experiment on me. Poor Nila examines my chipped, peeling, stained with hair color hands muttering “I don’t know what I can do with … Continue reading

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How excited I am to have my first professional blog with Carenza! This is Lyneé, you may know me as Laurence’s assistant.  Together with the Carenza team our goal is to bring you what we are seeing with fashion, hair and makeup – locally as well as world wide. I will be working with Next Door boutique to be the first to tell you what is coming for the fashion seasons … Continue reading

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