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Welcome to Carenza!

For almost 40 years, we have been pleased to provide the

greater Milwaukee community with some of the finest

hairdressing work available. To that end, we’ve passionately and fastidiously developed one of the most comprehensive & advanced training programs for stylists in all of Wisconsin.

In addition, our stylists have carefully been crafted to offer you many different pricing options, talent levels and creative skillsets.

The design team is replete with various personal styles and

interesting personas. That allows us to offer you many varied choices of service providers - capable of fitting nearly every client’s haircare needs. 

The mission here at Carenza, is to ensure that you will always enjoy the highest quality in any of our service departments... with Cut & Color being our main forte for sure.

Of course - the ultimate goal - is to help you feel both comfortable & welcome.

All while experiencing our truly warm and friendly customer service. Is the pace of your life a bit hectic & stressful? Worry no more. Each & every salon visit you can chill for a moment in our signature “Blue Lounge“... That’s our special “built-for-you” shampoo zone. Where you are gently relaxed from special back rollers in our ever-popular Shiatsu Roller beds. Pair that with a soothing massage delivered by the hands of our in-house-trained designers... yes, you can feel the tension ebbing away in just minutes!

This concept was so important to us by the way, that we chose to dedicate a large space to fulfill the sole purpose of creating a luxury experience for you...

especially when it comes to Cleansing | Conditioning | Calming... ahhh!

So, we happily invite you to come and see for yourself - what it feels like to be in skilled, creative & caring hands.

Excellence doesn’t just happen – it’s by design...

We look forward to seeing you soon. 

Yours in Service, 

Laurence Seybold | CEO

Jan Seybold | General Manager 

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