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Our designers strive to give you the best service and look forward to providing an experience you will look forward to. 


meet the team

Meet our perfectly curated team of talented artist + find the right fit for you!



New to our team in 2024!


I enjoy guiding clients with professional enthusiasm, as well as utilizing my rich experience - garnered from being in the beauty industry going on four decades. My strong attention to detail includes comprehensive consultations, sharing effective techniques for maintaining your style at home, as well as product recommendations for the long-term health & condition of your tresses. I want to help you feel confident and relaxed during every visit to our salon, and love every service as much as I enjoy providing them!


designer since 2017


 I strive to provide an amazing experience to each and every one of my clients.

By paying attention to details and personalizing each service to their individual

needs, believing that my clients will be satisfied and always look forward to their

next visit. I want each of my guests to leave the salon feeling confident, beautiful and their

best selves.

CAMERON Feb 6th 2022.png

designer since 2007


I love making people beautiful in a fun and exciting environment!


designer since 2018


I’m always looking forward to meeting new clients and strive to make their experience positive and relaxing. I’m always growing in my knowledge and skills, and I love to share that with my clients.

DANA Feb 6th 2022.png

designer since 1992


To create the best overall experience and results for my clients, I get the most joy from working collaboratively with them through great communication, constant feedback and strong education. Each client can expect that I will analyze for them what their hair can and cannot do as well as what works for their particular face shape, structure and lifestyle. I will educate each client as to why each of these areas are important and how these can and do change over time. I like to share with my clients what I truly believe is proper education in the dynamics of how your hair is cut and what is structurally happening as color services are preformed. Through these means of communication we together become the authority on your specific hair needs!


designer since 2006


My goal is to go above and beyond to please my clients. I believe that developing a strong relationship is the key. I want all of my clients to feel comfortable and relaxed, plus confident that I will provide the latest trends to suit their lifestyle and personality.


designer since 2021


My main goal is to provide the very best service there can be.  I want every single one of my clients to walk out feeling beautiful!


designer since 2004


I want to make my clients experience in the salon as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. I love to express my creativity through my work and interactions, while welcoming the opportunity to accommodate the wants and needs of each individual. My goal is for my clients to feel refreshed and rejuvenated when they leave the salon.


designer since 2004


I work hard at making sure a clients needs are met, while ensuring their visit is a pleasant and memorable experience. I pride myself on listening to what a client wants and expects, all with a smile on my face.

KIM FEB 6th 2022.png

designer since 1989


I enjoy using my decades of experience in the ‘art of problem-solving’ to provide great haircut, design and coloring solutions for my clients. I like to provide a detail-oriented haircare service, concentrating on the personalized needs of each individual.


designer since 1999


My service strength is listening to my clients needs and desires for their hair while applying my professional opinion to give them what they want or need.


designer since 2017


I look forward to endless possibilities since I joined Carenza.

Getting to know each client personally and helping them attain their desires.

My goal is to create a fun environment, helping everyone feel happy & comfortable

while I am working with them.


designer since 2007


I am committed to the highest standard of client care and am passionate about “being of service” starting at the consultation to the very end, while listening and respecting you the entire time. I provide an atmosphere where you can be yourself, while feeling secure and nurtured. I pride myself on being fashion forward and believing ones hair is the most important accessory to looking and feeling good every day. I am dedicated to advanced education, always doing whats trendy with the latest techniques and products, while educating you on maintenance and how to create your individual style at home. I will do everything in my power to get the results you desire while honoring the integrity of your hair.

Laurence Feb 2022.png

designer since 1982 |CEO


I seek to create a fun and relaxing environment while providing in depth information about cutting and coloring. I also like to develop a comfortable rapport by supplying ‘client specific’ recommendations for at home styling and maintenance. I utilize a very strong foundation in body and facial esthetics to arrive at a highly individualized design for each client. My ultimate goal is to help build valuable, long term relationships between all of our clients and the salon.


designer since 2018


With every client that visits my chair, I aspire to achieve a look that is personalized to their lifestyle, personality, face shape & features. I feel it’s important to address a client’s needs and concerns by also teaching proper after care, to maintain their style between salon visits.


designer since 2018


I love making the salon a fun & inviting space for all my clients. My goal is to have them leave here feeling and looking better then when they came in. I also have a keen eye for detail and pride myself in listening closely to my client's wants and concerns. Getting to know my clients and their lifestyles is a top priority for me. I strive to make everyone sitting in my chair feel comfortable and heard... going home with beautiful results. Love to do dimensional brunettes, redheads, balayage and lived in color.


designer since 1995


I work hard at making sure a clients needs are met, while ensuring their visit is a pleasant and memorable experience. I pride myself on listening to what a client wants and expects, all with a smile on my face.


designer since 2007


Throughout my years in the hair industry, my main objective has always been to put a smile on the faces in my chair. I'm very personable, and absolutely love meeting new clients. I pride myself on being a good listener, with a strong attention to detail. Dramatic changes are my favorite, but I love it all! I am confident that together we can achieve a look that you can feel great about. 


designer since 2008


I strive for myself and my clients to have a great relationship. I want my clients to feel comfortable and to be able to explain their problems and concerns to me. I want their service to be the best experience every time they come in. I believe everyone should be able to walk into the salon and forget about life and leave feeling amazing and wanting to come back -after all, that is what the experience is all about!

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